Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction

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1.    overview

The School of Economics & Management was founded in June, 2005. It developed out of the former Department of Economics & Management, founded in October 2001, It now has 2840 full-time undergraduates, 198 full-time overseas undergraduates, the school scale is the largest secondary school of ZUST.

The School offers 9 undergraduate programs, i.e., Industrial Engineering, Information Management and Information System, International Economics & Trade, Financial Engineering, Logistics Management, Marketing, Economics, Intenational Trade, and Financial Management. They cover 3 disciplines, namely, Economics, Management and Engineering.

Guided by the motto of ZUST “Advocating ethics, Valuing the practicality, Seeking truth from facts and Bring forth new ideas”, with the teaching experience of German universities of applied science (FH), the School of Economics & Management is devoted to cultivate high-level and application-oriented economic and management talents with international backgrounds to serve the local economy. By the end of July 2014, the School has cultivated 4100-plus full-time graduates.

By the end of 2014, the School has 82 faculty members, of whom 73 are academic teachers, including 7 professors, 31 associate professors, 52 teachers with Ph. D. degrees (including teachers studying for the doctorate at present), among which 24 teachers got their doctor or master degrees in US, Germany, Japan, Australia, etc. The School has also invited 50-plus prominent scholars, entrepreneurs, and top level managers, etc., in related fields as adjunct professors or guest professors both at home and abroad.

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