The School of Economics and Management was founded in June 2005. It developed out of the former Department of Economics and Management, founded in October 2001. It now has more than 3100 full-time students and about 300 long-term international students.

The school has four departments in SEM, which are Economics and Finance, International Trade and Business, Business Administration, and Management Science and Engineering. SEM offers two professional Master graduate programs, International Business and Applied Statistics, and nine Bachelor programs, which are International Economics & Trade, Economics, Financial Engineering, Financial Management, Marketing, International Business, Logistic Management, Industrial Engineering, and Information Management & Information System. SEM also offers two English-taught Bachelor programs, International Economics and Trade and International Business, one Sino-US project in Economics, and one Sino-Australia 2+2 joint program in International Business. The Bachelor program of International Economics and Trade is a first-level key program at both provincial and university levels, and also a provincial-level new program with characteristic development.

Guided by the motto of ZUST “Virtue and Truth, Practicality and Creativity”, SEM insists on the concept of education “Enhance Business, Enhance the State; Create Business, Create Idea” and is devoted to cultivate high-level and application-oriented economic and management talents with international backgrounds, who are capable in understanding economy, doing business, and good at management, to serve the local economy.

The Overseas Cooperation

The School of Economics and Management sticks to the goal of cultivating “internationalized, high-level, application-oriented” pofessionals, and actively promotes international exchange and cooperation.

Since 2003, the school initiated a student exchange program, namely, “2+3” Sino-German undergraduate joint cultivation program, in the majors of Logistics Engineering with Erfurt University of Applied Science and Industrial Engineering with Kempton University of Applied Science. The school admits 10 Chinese students under these two programs each year. After two years of studying in our school, these students will transfer to the German partner universities to continue another three-year academic study. After finishing their studying successfully, they will be granted both the German and Chinese degrees. About 120 students have been sent to study in Germany under this program up to now. During the past three years, the school continuously widened our cooperation with universities of Germany, US, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, Korea, Canada, Australia, etc. in forms of double-degree program, one/two-semester exchange program, and summer school. In average, the school sends about 100 students to study abroad each academic year.

In response to the trend of increasing demand for international talents, the school formally opened English-taught International Economics and Trade major in 2009 and Marketing major in 2010. It is the trial of international education characterized with internationalization and application-oriented. These programs intend to cultivate high-quality, versatile professionals with good international communication ability, specialized skills and adaptability. At present, these programs consist of 12 international classes, totally 170 Chinese students and 240 foreign students, and additionally 20 long-term foreign exchange students.

In spring 2013, the undergraduate joint program majored in Economics (with Financial Services Concentration) cooperated with University of Bridgeport of the U.S. was approved by Ministry of Education of China. This program aims to combine the high-quality education resources and experiences in finance from University of Bridgeport and the specialties and demand of Zhejiang economic development, to cultivate internationalized, application-oriented, and high-level professionals of financial service. The study plan for this program is developed jointly by both American and Chinese faculty members, and it will be fulfilled and monitored by both universities. Among all the courses, 26 of them will be introduced from University of Bridgeport and taught in English; over one third of all the courses will be taught face-to-face by senior professors from the U.S. ?Students in this program will choose to study at University of Bridgeport in the fourth year and will be granted the degrees of both University of Bridgeport and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology if they are qualified.

In the aspect of international academic exchanges, the school invites experts and professors overseas to visit and give lectures frequently. During the past three years, the school sent about 30 teachers abroad for academic visiting and exchange; hosted about 50 visits from universities of Germany, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. Significant progresses in the field of international exchange and cooperation have been made and will be continuously achieved at School of Economics and Management.

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